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Meet the company that provides professional services for blockchain . We offer you solutions in software, marketing, platform, partnership and many other areas.

software Servıces

Meet Blockchain Technology!

Thanks to our very experienced and highly qualified team, we help projects develop in many areas like creating, locking, burning processes of tokens in all networks such as BEP20, ERC20, Avalanche, Solana etc.


Everything should be safe in crypto!

Security Review100%
Quick Action95%
On-chain Monitoring100%
Social Monitoring95%

Have your codes reviewed by the Crypto Welts team, and be aware of all possible risks beforehand. We provide reports that notify you of all your security vulnerabilities.


Marketing Services

Youtube & Twitter Marketing
500+ influencers
Special packages

We offer joint services with key people working for crypto.

Press Release & Reddit
Yahoo, Yahoo Finance and 450+ news and finance sites
Preferred special packages

News and promotion on major websites. We bring you to the fore in the most preferred categories on Reddit.


Partnership Services

Partnerships with Major Projects
150+ partners
Important collaborations.

Who wouldn't want to collaborate with Chainlink, Nuls and 150+ important projects.

IDO and Staking Partnerships
Take advantage of pre & public sale
Partner with the most recognized IDO platforms

IDO are very important in crypto. How about working with major platforms?

Exchanges Listing

Listing on Crypto

80% of the projects work with us. We provide priority listing. We provide services at more affordable prices.

Direct communication with top managers

Priority in listing

Commission-free accounts

Unlimited and free transactions in MM accounts

24/7 Listing service

We evaluate listing opportunities for you.

Customers & Partners

Over the past ten years, I’ve been fortunate to work with and for people from someu00a0amazing organizations.

Total clients
In over 25 countries
Trusted clients
Featured by top ranked brand
Sensitve feedback
At project quality

We are waiting for you?


We look forward to serving new projects. We can decide together what we can do by forwarding your work to us. Contact us for professional support.

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